A group of like-minded fishermen&women with the mission of promoting the sport of fly-fishing, sharing experiences, and improving our ecosystems for all.



REMINDER: Prepare to help with  Greenup day! Come join us and clean up our local rivers during the annual Greenup Roundup. Information available soon on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

Addison County provides some phenomenal fishing opportunities, all within a few minutes of Middlebury. Whether you prefer vibrant trout, toothy pike, or acrobatic bass, your options are endless. We provide an awesome feed of local fishing reports to dramatically reduce office productivity.

The New Haven Angling Association holds many events throughout the year, ranging from women-in-waders, to youth-day, to casting demos, fly-tying nights as well as the tremendously fun and rewarding river restoration projects. See what's going on and join us!

Like fish? Or more broadly, do you like nature? Cool, we do too... We should hang out. The NHRAA does a lot of amazing work in this community and beyond, and relies on the support of individuals to help achieve our mission of improving the fisheries, environment, and community of fishing in Addison County.