3/28/16 Fishing Report S&B


Report Originally from Stream & Brook

Looking ahead its going to be a cold weekend as the 2016 Trout Season starts! In the 20’s with possible snow for Saturday! A bunch of Stream and Brook guides will be fishing in the 8th annual Otter Creek Classic hosted by our friends at the Middlebury Mountaineer! The OCC is an catch and release tourney that raises money for the New Haven River Anglers. I hear there are a few tickets left for the Fly Fishing Film Tour on Friday night in Middlebury. If Interested call or stop by the Mountaineer.

Recent rained swelled the Otter but it has been dropping fast. All of it’s tribs look ideal for this weekend but we are predicted to get up to 3/4 of an inch of rain of Friday. This along with below freezing temps could make opening day tricky!

Hot flies in the past have been the Golden Stone, Green Caddis, PT Nymph, San Juan Worm, various Wolly Buggers, Muddy Buddies, and other Sculpin patterns. In high cold water fish different combos of flies till you happen to get them in front of hungry fish. I prefer to use a big streamer and drop off a nymph. Some folks use a heavy nymph and drop a worm pattern and dredge the deeper pools. Whatever you fish make sure you fish them with confidence! It only takes one nice fish in the net to warm you up and keep you going for a few more hours!

Lake Champlain tribs have been producing some very nice Steelhead! Both in VT and NY. Various Leech Patterns, Eggs, small streamers and Black Stones should be in your box if your searching for some Chrome. My buddy Ralph has been doing very well with some of the flies listed above and the pic is of him releasing one recently.

I have been chasing Pike without much luck till today! Pictured below is my first one this season. It smacked a 6″ fly tied by Pat Cohen of rusuperfly.com. The fly is called the Slop Mop and this one was in Rainbow Trout. I had a client out for Pike on Sunday and he had a few hits but none landed. Ethan who is 13 was from Jackson Hole so he has awesome Trout fishing back home but wanted to try for something new. Towards the end of our trip his fly got snagged right at our feet. As he was doing some line slaps to free it up a big old Pike came in and tried attacking it! It didn’t get the hook and swam away but it was pretty exciting! As the bait fish are still very small and the water temps are still cold try small flies and bring them in very slow. Small meaning in the 4-8″ range not the beastly 8-15″ inch flies I wish be chucking mid summer.

Good luck and stay warm! -BC